How do laser treatments help with acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the United States that affects the skin’s oil glands. This condition can affect the skin of the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Most acne is not a serious health risk but it may pose significant social and emotional distress. Our health care providers offer a laser solution that targets the bacteria trapped in the follicle. After a series of 3 treatments, patients can expect to experience a reduction in redness and inflammation.

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What is acne?

Everyone’s body is filled with tiny hair follicles and pores. Within these pores are sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing Sebum (oil). Although this oil is part of the normal process, many patients experience an overproduction of this oil which then fills the pore. When this happens, it tends to trap bacteria and this bacteria start to multiply causing an acne lesion.

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Non-inflammatory acne

Non-inflammatory acne are pimples that can become unclogged or heal on their own. Patients typically see these are whiteheads or blackheads. They are typically not painful or red and with time, will go away.

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Inflammatory acne

Inflammatory acne happens when the follicle walls burst due to the pressure the the clog. When the walls of the follicle bursts it causes an inflammatory response. Many patients experience this as redness, inflammation, pustules, and pain to the touch. When patients due get clogged follicle, it is important to not pick it. Picking a clogged pore may cause the wall to rupture resulting in an inflammatory response.

Before and after picture for laser treatment for acne.

Who suffers from acne?

Although acne can be seen adults, it is typically common among teenagers and young adults. Although these patients may see acne disappear, it is important to have a solution to diminish the inflammation redness and the bacteria on the skin. Treating active acne can help with prevent permanent scarring. Once permanent scarring happens, a more invasive approach to resurfacing the skin is necessary, which can be avoided with preventative care during youth.


Laser treatments for acne

We use a Lumenis M22 laser to emit an intense light beam onto your skin. The light beam targets the bacteria and the clogged poring. This triggers the bodies wound response and starts the healing process now that the follicle is free of inflammation and bacteria. It is highly recommended for patients to receive multiple treatments in order to target 100% of the bacteria.