Age and Sun Spot Treatment Options

Dark spots, age spots, or sun spots are flat oval blemishes of different sizes. These blemishes are usually brown, grey, or black and can appear on the face, hands, chest, back, legs, and arms. These spots are typically harmless and don’t require medical treatment. However, if you suspect that a spot may need medical treatment, we advise to book an appointment with your healthcare provider for further diagnosis. 

sun spots mechanism.jpeg

What causes age spots and sun spots?

Age spots, dark spots, and sun spots are caused due to excessive sun exposure. They commonly appear on frequently exposed areas like the face, legs, arms, and chest. Your skin has a self protection mechanism which involves the production of melanin. As your body is exposed to sun, it wants to protect itself by producing more melanin. Over time, this leads to dark patches on the skin.

Who suffers from age spots and sun spots?

Everyone will experience age spots, sun spots, and dark spots in their lifetime. This is because we all share the same protection mechanism and we are all exposed to sun at some point. Some patients, however, are more prone to these blemishes. Patients that are more prone include those that sun tan, sun bath, are taking photosensitive medication, and patients who have a hormonal imbalance.

How can laser treatments help?

Laser treatments can help by targeting the pigment within the skin and breaking it up. By using the M22 laser, we can focus a beam on the melanin. This energy causes the melanin to break up and be metabolized over time using your bodies healing response. Results typically take 3-5 sessions as dark spots can vary in severity, size, and color. Typically, spots that are deeper in the skin tend to be more persistent and more challenging.