Monotherapy VS Combination Therapy for Melasma and Dark Spots on Face

Monotherapy VS Combination Therapy for Melasma and Dark Spots on Face

Melasma, also known as the mask of pregnancy, is an area of hyperpigmentation usually found in the face. The condition tends to affect primarily women aged 20 to 30 years old and is commonly found in women with darker skin types. While melasma is considered a cosmetic condition, many patients with melasma experience considerable stress and embarrassment related to the condition, which is exacerbated by the lack of effective and lasting treatments.

A Brief History of Botox

Botox is used medically not only for those who suffer from a disorder causing crossed-eyes, it is also used to help reduce migraine headache frequency, Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating, and it is also used to decrease incontinence in those with spinal cord injuries or MS who suffer from an overactive bladder due to neurological damage.

Why You Should Consider O-Shot for Treating Sexual Dysfunction

According to recent data, more than 40% of sexually active female adults in the US experience female sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives.

Female Sexual Dysfunction can manifest itself to female patients by a decrease in sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasmic response. The causes of the dysfunction can be very complex therefore, treatment outcomes can be difficult to predict.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Hair removal and maintenance can be annoying and perhaps even painful. For this reason, many men and women turn to laser hair removal to eliminate unwanted body hair permanently.

In addition to removing hair, the process offers precision and speed. Lasers remove the hair without damaging the skin. If you have ever wondered how laser hair removal works, this guide will you help you understand what to expect.

Juvederm and Restylane FAQ and Patient Instructions

pre-care to post-care and more.

Pre-Instructions for Juvederm

  • Patients must disclose if they have had any previous filler treatments.

  • To help avoid bruising, patients are recommended to discontinue use of blood thinning medication. Patients must consult their primary care physician prior to discontinuing use of any medication.

  • Prior to treatment, your healthcare provider will remove makeup from injections site.

Laser Skin IPL FAQ and Instructions

Pre-Instructions for M22 Photofacial/IPL Laser Skin Treatments

  • Patients must discontinue the use of retinol or bleaching creams for at least 2 weeks.

  • Avoid any sunburns or excessive sun exposure two weeks prior to your treatment.

  • Patients must communicate to healthcare providers if they have received any ablative or non ablative treatments on their skin within 4 weeks.

  • The M22 may cause permanent facial hair reduction. Therefore, patients must decide and communicate to their healthcare provider if they wish to keep their current facial hair. Patient that wish to keep their facial hair are recommended to come in with the facial hair they wish to keep.