Fungal toe nail removal

Fungal infections of the toe nail affect about 15% of the population in the united states. Microorganisms enter the tissue through compression or micro injuries which causes the toe to experience discoloration, brittle nails, and can emanate an unpleasant order.  Peach offers a laser solution to target the fungus by heating up with an intense light beam. This destroys the organism allowing your body to expel it.

Who gets fungal infections?

Fungal infection can appear on patients who are diabetic or who have an insulin resistance. Athletes and patients with an active lifestyle can also get fungal infections due to micro traumas from physical activity.

Other methods to treat to fungus

Traditional methods of treating fungal injections on the toes including using topical creams and oral medications such as such as terbinafine, itraconazole, and fluconazole. These methods are considered the golf standard because of their high success rate. However, due to the toxicity of the medications, many patients choose not to treat with these methods.

Does the laser treatment hurt?

Studies conducted on these toe nail fungus laser protocol reported that there was no pain. The sensations they listed include a heat sensation followed immediately by a cooling sensation. The treatment is only about 15 minutes and can be performed in-office without anesthesia.

How many laser treatments will I need?

Our laser treatment protocol calls for three treatments or the course of 6 weeks. Patients will receive their first treatment and return at day 15 and day 30 for follow up treatments. After this series of treatments, patients are advised to follow up in 6 months to determine if fungus is gone or has returned.

Will toe nail fungus every go away?

Although laser and topical treatment can help remove toe nail fungus, studies have shown that patient should expect receive treatment every year as toe nail fungus is extremely difficult to remove 100%.