Membership Rewards

In addition to exclusive savings, members are automatically registered in our rewards program where each services earns them points. These points in turn can be used to purchase services and products at any clinic.

Member Rewards: How it works

Patients with an active membership earn points for each type of service they receive. For example, each 3 area laser hair removal session gives you 200 points. Patients can use accumulated points to purchase additional service . Below you will find a list of all the types of services you can purchase with your accumulated reward points.

How to earn points

Earn points by completing the follow types of appointments and services.

  • Refer a member > 250 points

  • Botox > 20 points per unit

  • THREE area laser hair removal session > 200 points

  • ONE area IPL or Photofacial > 250 points

  • Microneedling Treatment with PRP > 335 points

  • Juvederm Ultra Plus > 500 points

  • Vollure > 600 points

  • VOLUMA > 700 points

  • PRP Hair Restoration > 335 points

  • Microneedling with PRP > 335 points

  • TWO area IPL or Photofacial > 375 points

  • ONE area laser hair removal session > 50 points

  • PDO Thread Lift > 670 points

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. Patients must have an active membership to earn, redeem, and use points or vouchers. Unfortunately, points do not have any cash value.