Testosterone is the cornerstone of a man's health.

After the age of 30, testosterone levels secreted by the testes decrease approximately 2-3% every year that we age. Over time, this decrease in testosterone levels leads to reduced mental clarity, reduce energy, a lack of vitality, and a lower quality of life. Peach Medical Group helps men experiencing these symptoms by elevating their testosterone to optimal levels resulting in increased vitality and quality of life.

Whether you want an online tele-medicine or in-person program, the first step in learning if this is right for you is to perform a series of standard and specialized lab tests. This helps your provider learn more about your physiology and helps them determine what kind of program is right for you.

Woman discussing treatments with healthcare professional.

The Goal of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The goal of supplementing testosterone is not to elevate them to supraphysiological levels but to regain the levels of their youth. By doing this, men will experience the quality of life that they once had. This includes increased energy, increased libido, increased strength, and overall feeling of sharpness, mental clarity, and more.

Lasting Results

Balancing your hormones is not a quick fix, and requires ongoing treatment to see lasting results. With Peach, you have access to a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who are determined to see you succeed—and to keep enjoying those results for years and years to come.

Testing your testosterone is priority.

The first step in testosterone replacement therapy is determining current levels. After ordering an initial panel of lab tests, a physician or nurse practitioner will review in detail all of the findings from each of the tests. Your provider will explain how each of the results has been playing a role in the picture of your current health status. These lab results are crucial to the long term success of your health plan.

Available testing:

  • Testosterone levels

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Thyroid & adrenal gland function

  • Liver function

  • Diabetes testing

  • Hematology testing

  • Nutrient deficiency testing


Frequently Asked Questions About Testosterone Therapy

Q: Should I be concerned with prostate cancer?

Testosterone has been demonstrated to not cause prostate cancer. The hormones that have been shown to enlarge men's prostate and may play a role in prostate cancer are dihydrotestosterone and estrone

Q: How I avoid converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and estrone?

Patients on a managed testosterone replacement program are regularly checked for estrone and DHT levels. If these levels are elevated, then your healthcare provider will  add additional supplements or prescriptions. These may include natural supplements such as DIM or aromatase inhibitors. 

Q: Can I take testosterone if I have prostate enlargement already?

If you have prostate enlargement already, then we have to monitor your DHT levels. If your regular exams show an elevated level, then your provider will add additional supplements and/or medications to your program. 

Q: If I take testosterone, will my testicles shrink?

The answer is yes. Anytime you take testosterone, your own body's production is reduced. The more you take the more it ceases to be produced. This can lead to the shrinking of testicles. This is not permanent and testicles will still have the ability to produce testosterone.